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True Victory
& Deliverance

Jesus died for our sins,
his blood that was shed
on the cross can cleanse
us from all of our
Jesus is coming soon
Don't get caught with you work undone. Come into the Lord's house, because it is going to rain.

About the man of God

Praised the Lord everyone,
My name is Richard 
Howard  , the lord told me to start this web site. Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born May 25,1947, in a small town in New York. My parents and I went to a AME Zion church at my birth until adulthood. Going to church at that time was fun, it was like belonging to a social club. All church was to me was about having a good time, meeting girls and partying.

As I grew up, I left the church and started to do my own thing. I was getting high on drugs and drinking alcohol beverages every chance I got. Then I went to the NCCU in 1966, partied my way out of there and got drafted in arm forces. While in the arm forces, they shipped me to Vietnam in 1968. While in Vietnam, a friend and myself was working in the motor pool one day. All of a sudden a gasoline engine back fired and a can of ignited gasoline was hurled in my face. I began
to run and ran right into a mess of military wire (barb). The devil knew he had me! I was caught in the wire with no way to escape. A small voice came to me saying, "If you don't be cool, you are going to die. " While this voice was talking to me, I could hear anything else that was going on around me, only his voice I heard. While his voice was present I felt no pain. I remember picking myself out of the wire and putting out the fire (I still felted no pain). After the fire was extinguished. I could not hear his voice anymore. Then the pain came in like a rushing mighty wind God's blessings come to his people before they even realize that it was God and not a coincidence!

Growing up my parents tried to instill in me everything about church and prayer. I would get on my knees and try to pray every now and then, but I was not serious about living for God at that time. When I did try to pray every time a different voice would come and tell me to curse God. There was something inside of me that would not allow me to do it, something super natural. I know now that God protected me and gave me the grace to refuse, even before I excepted him.

As I went on my life growing further and further away from God, I got married. God blessed me with two beautiful daughters (life was good to me, I thought), but I was still trying to live a life without God. As time went on my life became almost impossible to bare. I had little hope and continued to smoke, drink and hangout with friends. My wife got saved and wanted me to go to church with her, but I did not want to go. Every morning she would get up and put gospel program on the radio on, praying that on day God would touch my heart to come to church with her.

One day I got on my knees because I was feeling ill not knowing what I had, but knew it was  serious. I got on my knees and began to pray to God to heal me from this illness. I told God if he would heal me from what I thought I had, that I would make it right with him. I went to the doctor to get a checkup and he found nothing wrong, I decided to go to church with my wife one Sunday (Palm Sunday) morning. While I was there I heard the true gospel and was baptized in Jesus name that day my life changed from that day forth and I began seeking God for the Holy Ghost.

I was called to the ministry and my life has not be the same. God has been and is always Good to me. There is nothing better on this earth that is better than God and his love! This is just the beginning of my testimony, there are so much to tell about his greatness and goodness of God.

May God, bless keep each and every one of you. 
Apostle Richard Howard.

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